The Barcelona KEY project

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The objective of this project is to take advantage of knowledge and research to drive the economic development of the Campus and the Besòs area.

The E, F and G buildings will host the Barcelona Key project. It is a project that aims to strengthen the international role of Besos, Barcelona and Catalonia as an economic generator, and knowledge. The main objective is to get investment projects related to research and value-added business.

During 2015 the collaboration agreement between the institutions that drive The Campus to manage this project was signed. The agreement instructs the Consorci del Campus Diagonal-Besòs and Fundació b_TEC to attract interest and initiatives in order to develop buildings that facilitate them to be located.

At the request of the Government of Catalonia this project applied in 2015 for funding under the so-called Pla Juncker, and is currently subject to evaluation by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

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Institutions driving the project comprising the Consorci of the Campus Diagonal-Besòs and the Fundació b-TEC:

With funding: