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The activity in the area of knowledge

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The Campus Diagonal-Besòs will count on the presence of some of the most relevant research and development groups of the UPC, such as the TECNIO centers or the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC).

The Fundació b_TEC works to attract other projects, groups and public and private research and energy transfer centers to create a space of excellence on international prestige research. Therefore, it participates in different clusters and thechnology platforms, as well as in the organization of the conference Barcelona Global Energy Challenges, an annual event of international reference.

The Campus Diagonal-Besòs will become a European top referent in the area of energy for the future location of the European headquarters of F4E. On the other hand, the Barcelona Key project, also to be located in the Campus, is aimed at transforming the Besòs territory as the engine for economic development based on knowledge and research.


Institutions driving the project comprising the Consorci of the Campus Diagonal-Besòs and the Fundació b-TEC:

With funding: